Spring Planter Design & Installation in Edina

Do you want to have a spring container designed and installed in the Edina area?

As the air grows warm and the last snow melts from your yard, you can finally start planting for spring. If you really want to show off your talent for mixing spring colors, your best bet is to place a spectacular mixed container in front of your Edina home.

The only problem is that planting an eye-catching spring container is a time-consuming process, and you’ve already got a lot on your plate. You could visit every local nursery to try to fill up your spring planter or you could let the professionals do the work for you. The acclaimed designers at Ground One would be more than happy to design and install a spring container for you!


Jaw-Dropping Spring Planters

Ground One’s first step is to help you choose the perfect container. We have a variety of pot materials available, including plastic, stone, wood, clay and metal.

Once you’ve made your choice, our craftsmen will put together the most beautiful spring container garden for you. First, we’ll make your planter a stunner with a dazzling thriller like dracaena spikes or a hibiscus. Then, we’ll add some fillers to the mix, like geraniums and salvia, to round out your spring planter. To finish, we’ll plant some cool spillers, like lantana and vinca vines, around the sides of your container.

Don’t worry about throwing out your back; the Ground One team will handle the installation of your spring container at your Edina household. Tell our crew whether you’d like your spring container on your front porch, your back deck or wherever else around your house, and they’ll position it perfectly for you. Just sit back and marvel at the beautiful flowers and leaves!


Outstanding Spring Container Design & Installation

If you want to celebrate spring with a splendid spring planter but won’t have enough time to create one, Ground One’s creative masters will design the ultimate spring container and deliver it to your home. Call Ground One today for expert spring planter design and installation services in Edina!

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