Spring Planter Design & Installation in Minneapolis, MN  

Do you need to have a spring planter designed and installed in Minneapolis?

Winter always seems to overstay its welcome and, once it’s finally gone, gardeners are easy to get back in the dirt. If you really want to celebrate your joy for spring, install a couple of spring containers in front of your home in Minneapolis.

Unfortunately, piecing together a beautiful spring container garden is an arduous task that most of us are simply too busy for. Save yourself the time and effort; hire Ground One to design a personalized spring planter for you and install it at your house!


Breathtaking Spring Planters

Before we go to work, Ground One’s designers will allow you to select your container. We have hanging baskets, red terracotta pots and plenty of other great options for your yard in Minneapolis!

Once you’ve chosen the right planter, our design team will transform it into a gorgeous spring planter garden. The first step is to give your planter some curb appeal with an eye catching thriller like dracaena or tulips. Next, we’ll round out your spring container with fun fillers, such as pansies and geraniums. To make sure your spring container garden is bursting with spring beauty, we’ll rim it with cool spillers, including ivy and lantana.

After the spring planter is finished, the Ground One team will deliver it to your home in Minneapolis and install it wherever you want. Just point our crew to where you think your spring container can catch the most eyes and they’ll do the rest. Now you get to enjoy the dazzling colors without the strain of planting and installation!


Top Quality Spring Planter Design & Installation

If you want to add some spring containers to your doorstep but you don’t have the time to design and install them by yourself, let us lend a hand. Call up Ground One today for superior spring planter design and installation services in the Minneapolis area!

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