Spring Planter Design & Installation in Minnetonka, MN  

Are you looking for a spring container design and installation service in Minnetonka?

When the last snow melts and the ground is fully thawed, it’s time to get back in the garden and plant some beautiful spring colors. If you really want to make your home in Minnetonka look the nicest in the neighborhood, you should adorn it with some splendid spring planters.

The only drawback is that planting a spring container garden requires a lot of work that you might not be able to stuff into your full schedule. To give your house some spring beauty without spending an entire weekend, let Ground One design and install spring planters for you!


Gorgeous Spring Containers

Before we begin designing, the Ground One team will allow you to choose what kind of container you want to use for your spring container garden. We have a large inventory of cool options, ranging from free-standing planters to hanging baskets, that will look great in front of your Minnetonka home!

After you’ve picked out your planter, our acclaimed designers will plant a bountiful mix of spring colors. We’ll center your spring planter around spectacular thrillers, such as hibiscus and mandevilla. Around them, we’ll plant lots of beautiful fillers, like bacopa and lantana. Finally, we’ll drape some spillers, like sweet potato vines and lamiums, over the sides of your spring container.

The Ground One crew will then deliver your completed spring container garden to your home in Minnetonka and install it anywhere on your property. Just pick the spot that will draw the most attention and our workers will handle the installation. Now, your house will have real curb appeal without you having to hurt your back to get it!


Expert Spring Container Design & Installation

If you’re trying to enhance your home’s beauty with a spring container garden but don’t want to put effort into making one, let the pros do it for you. Get in touch with Ground One today for the premier spring container design and installation services in the Minnetonka area!

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