Spring Planter Design & Installation in St. Louis Park

Are you in need of spring planter design and installation in the St. Louis Park area?

When the last of the snow melts and it’s warm enough to put away your winter coats, you can finally begin to enjoy your yard again. What better way to show your enthusiasm for spring than with a mixed spring container garden in your St. Louis Park yard?

The problem is that planting up the spring container garden of your dreams can consume a lot of time, money and physical labor. Save yourself all three by hiring the award-winning design team from Ground One!


Spectacular Spring Planters

Just tell Ground One’s experts what kind of spring container you’re looking for and we’ll start picking out plants. Whether you want a long planter for a windowsill or a red terra cotta pot for your doorstep, we have containers to suit all needs.

We’ll center your spring container garden around an awesome thriller, like a willow or a mandevilla. Then we’ll surround it with plenty of fillers, such as alyssums and lantanas. To ensure your spring planter is overflowing with spring colors, we’ll finish the job with draping thrillers, such as calibrachoa and ivy.

Once your spring masterpiece is finished, Ground One’s professionals will bring it to your St. Louis Park residence for installation. Our crew is happy to install your new spring container wherever you think it will bring the most joy. All you have to do is admire your breathtaking spring planter every day!


Premium Spring Container Garden Design & Installation

If you’re not a professional gardener, trying to piece together a spring container garden can be a time-consuming disaster. Reach out to Ground One today for master-class spring planter design and installation services in the St. Louis Park area!

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