Fall Planter Design & Installation In Wayzata

Are you seeking a fall container design and installation service in the Wayzata area?

As summer winds to an end, the time comes to start tossing your dead spring annuals and planting a new round in preparation for fall. If you really want to spice up your Wayzata home with some nice fall colors, your best bet is to plant some fall containers.

Of course, creating your autumn masterpiece may require you to run out to every garden center in the Twin Cities, and then spend hours planting and arranging everything you buy. Who has time for that? We do! The master landscapers at Ground One make properties beautiful for a living.


Gorgeous Fall Containers

The first step for Ground One’s award-winning experts will be to help you choose the material for your pot. You can pick from plastic, wood, metal, stone and clay choices.

Once your container is chosen, it’s time for us to plant! To make sure your fall container is a head-turner, we’ll center it around exciting thrillers, like rushes and camellias. Then, we’ll stuff the planter with pretty fillers, including violas and ferns. To finish, our experts will add in spillers, like creeping jenny and lamium, that drape over the sides of the pot.

Once your fall container garden is planted, Ground One employees will bring it out to your home in Wayzata and put it wherever you think it will catch the most eyes. Whether you want your fall planter beside your front walkway or on your back porch, our crew is happy to place it for you. Just grab a drink and enjoy the autumn rainbow!


Premium Fall Planter Design & Installation Services

You can make your home look its best for fall without ever leaving your house. The professionals at Ground One will craft the most impressive fall container that money can buy, and install it without you having to lift a finger. Contact Ground One today for the greatest fall container design and installation in Wayzata!

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