Snow Removal Services

Would you like reliable snow removal services for your home in the greater Twin Cities area?

Minnesota’s winters bring frequent snowstorms that can blanket your property overnight, making it very difficult for anyone to walk or drive to or from your house until it is cleared. This can be very inconvenient if you need to get to work in the morning or are planning a holiday party with guests. To make your life easier, let a professional outdoor maintenance crew get rid of all that snow for you.

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Professional Snow Removal Services

In addition to our landscaping and gardening services, Ground One’s outdoor maintenance crew can also handle snow removal for your residential property in the Twin Cities metro. The snow removal services that we offer include:

  • Using a plow truck to remove all snow from your driveway quickly and effectively.
  • Shoveling all snow off of sidewalks, patios and walkways.
  • De-icing your driveway, paths and steps to minimize slip and fall risks.

Reliable Snow Removal Services in the Twin Cities

Shoveling off your driveway and walkways by hand can take hours of hard work that you may not have time for if snow falls when you aren’t expecting it. Instead, enlist the help of our snow removal crew to take care of everything for you while you stay inside, keep warm, and stay safe. Call Ground One today for premium snow removal services in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area!

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