Spring & Fall Clean-up Services 

Do you need spring or fall clean-up services for your property in the greater Twin Cities area?

The elements don’t make it easy to keep your yard in beautiful shape. In fall, dead leaves will cover your yard and can spread mold to your grass if left alone. In spring, the melted snow will leave behind mud, dead foliage and other debris. Cleaning up these messes can be a real hassle, so there’s no shame in hiring an experienced company to do it for you.

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Efficient Yard Clean-Up Services

Ground One’s maintenance crew is happy to perform clean-up services for your yard in the Minneapolis metro. We can come out both in fall, to prepare your yard for winter, and in spring, to clean up after winter.

Spring yard clean-up services include:

  • Removing dead leaves and branches from your yard and gardens.
  • Digging out and disposing of dead annuals.
  • Applying new mulch to garden beds and picking up mulch that was scattered by snow.
  • Reseeding or laying down sod in parts of your lawn where the grass was killed by snow.

Fall yard clean-up services include:

  • Bagging and removing all fallen leaves from your property.
  • Blowing leaf litter and other debris out of your garden beds.
  • Pruning dead foliage off of perennials, trees and shrubs.


#1 Spring & Fall Yard Clean-Up Services in Minneapolis

When your yard gets messy in spring and fall, allow an experienced crew to clear out the debris and get everything looking nice again. Give Ground One a call today to add this service to your outdoor maintenance package!

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