Craig Trenary, Landscape Designer

For 12 years Craig worked with three different landscaping companies applying his degree in landscape design and in 2005 he launched Terra Forma Design. Craig enjoyed the independence of having his own company and had aligned himself with some really great people both internally and externally while keeping the focus on clients and the projects they trusted him with as the number one priority. Building on a tradition of listening carefully to clients, implementing thoughtful and creative design solutions with the help of subcontracted crews, Craig was able to complete more than 350 unique projects over 13 years.
In 2018, with landscaping projects lined up, the landscaping season was shortened by a critical six weeks due to the extreme weather fluctuations. In order to provide the excellent client service he prided himself on, Craig needed to bring on additional help which typically comes with being part of a team. He had the good fortune to have already known Pat Weiss and the team at Ground One Landscape Design + Build for years and was impressed with their similar work ethic and dedication to their client’s needs and expectations. The opportunity presented itself to partner with them to complete these projects and when the season ended they mutually agreed that it was a great partnership and that they should merge their talents and work together.

Ground One Landscape Design + Build is an industry leading, multi-award winning team of professionals in the landscape industry based in Bloomington, MN and they’re thrilled to announce Craig Trenary has officially joined the team. Moving forward you can expect the same personal attention to your needs and professional landscape design processes combined with all of the support and award winning expertise Ground One Landscape Design + Build brings to the table.

Terra Forma Design Projects

Below are a few of the numerous outdoor living spaces Craig and his team at Terra Forma Design were able to transform over the years.