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Since our winters tend to be long and cold in Minnesota, we need to get as much enjoyment as possible out of the outdoors while we can! From the start of spring until late in the fall, the best way to spend an evening in Minneapolis is by gathering around the fire pit with your family and friends.

Whether you’re making hot dogs and s’mores or just relaxing in its warmth, hanging out by the fire makes a great end to any day. If you don’t have a fire pit in your backyard and you want to get in on the fun, here are some of Ground One’s best ideas for fire pits in Minnesota:

5 Fantastic Fire Pit Design Ideasgas firepit patio

  • Simple Stone Circle: Sometimes, the simplest ways are the best ways. If you want to put together a DIY fire pit over the course of a weekend, this is the best option for you. Start by creating a circle of sand in the middle of your yard, three or four feet in diameter, then stack a variety of large stones around the edge to form a circling wall that’s a couple of feet tall. You can use concrete to glue the stones together if you want but this is optional. For a nice finishing touch, you can encircle the stacked stones with small pieces of river rock. Then all you have to do is gather some chairs around, stack some wood atop the sand and light it! This outdoor fire pit design is simple, rustic and works with just about any home.
  • The Teardrop: This is a cool fire pit design that works best at the edge of a patio. Stack rectangular stone blocks in a foot-tall circle and place pea gravel in the center to form your foundation. Rest your logs directly atop the gravel. Now continue stacking stone blocks only along the back half of the fire pit. With each new layer, stop a couple of inches from either side until, finally, you rest just a single brick on top of the stack. This will create a cool tear drop shape when you are facing your fire pit from your patio. Not only is this shape aesthetically pleasing, it will buffer your fire against the wind and shield nearby plants from the intense heat and stray embers that a fire will produce. You can adhere your stones to one another with concrete, or let gravity do the job for a more natural, handmade look.
  • The Modern Pit: If you live in a modern home, or at least want to infuse your home with some modern landscape design, this is the outdoor fire pit for you. This fire pit design can be placed directly next to your patio or in the midst of your backyard. First, lay black gravel down on the ground. You can form a perfect circle or go for an abstract, oblong shape. Rim the gravel with differently sized chunks of stone. Now, at the center of the gravel bed, place a gas fire pit in the shape of a stone basin that’s white or light gray. Stick a couple of black lawn chairs on the gravel bed and enjoy the heat of your modern gas fire pit.
  • Fire On the Patio: Would you prefer to enjoy the warmth of a fire right in the heart of your patio? Then this is the perfect outdoor fire pit for you. Purchase a light gray, rectangular concrete fire pit and position it in the heart of your patio. Fill the gas-powered fire pit with charcoal or volcanic rock that contrasts beautifully against the light gray of the concrete. Now, arrange chairs and chaise lounges around three sides of the fire pit to create a cozy seating arrangement that will allow the whole family to chat while you get warm together. This type of fire pit design pairs nicely with an outdoor pool. You can have the fire pit directly facing the water so that swimmers can use it to warm up, too!
  • The Fire Hole: This is a fire pit design that looks most magnificent if you’ve got a lake or pond in your backyard for it to border. A few feet back from the shoreline, dig a hole that’s eight to twelve inches deep and about two feet in diameter. Place gravel at the bottom and rim the interior of the hole with bricks, forming a circle that rises a few inches above the ground. Use cement to hold the bricks in place and stack a pile of firewood in the hole. Now, lay flagstone pavers around the in-ground fire pit to form a small patio area. Arrange Adirondack chairs around your fire pit, sit back, and enjoy watching the firelight dance on the surface of the water!

Professional Fire Pit Installation in the Twin Cities

Building your own fire pit can be a fun challenge for some but not everyone has the time or the ability. If you want a fire pit that’s a perfect compliment for your backyard and patio, reach out to the professionals at Ground One to install one for you!

Our landscapers have been working in the Twin Cities for over thirty years and we can build any fire pit you want, whether it’s wood-fed or gas-fueled. Contact Ground One today for expert outdoor fire pit installation services in the greater Minneapolis area!