There’s no better way to spend a hot summer day in Minnesota than by relaxing in the comfort of your own swimming pool. Whether you go for laps in the cool water or just stretch out on a chair to sunbathe while your kids splash each other, it’s fun that the whole family can enjoy.

Of course, installing an in-ground swimming pool is a big commitment which will forever change the landscaping of the yard around it. Before you have an in-ground pool installed on your property, here are five helpful pool installation tips from Ground One that you’ll want to consider:

5 Tips For In-Ground Pool Installation

1. Work With Your Yard

Most in-ground pools are rectangular in shape but not all yards are flat enough to support this design. Additionally, if you’re having to work around garden beds, this may limit the size and shape of your in-ground pool. Fortunately, while rectangles may be the norm, there are many shapes that an in-ground pool can be molded to.

Circular, half-circular and even triangular pools are all equally possible to build and, depending on the shape and the slope of your yard, they might fit in better and look much nicer than a standard rectangular pool would. If you want a custom design which doesn’t fit a specific geometric shape and weaves elegantly between your gardens, that’s a possibility, too.

2. Consider How You’ll Use Your Pool – One of the most important steps of pool planning is to consider what you’re primarily going to be using your pool for. Do you have kids who are going to be playing in it all the time? Are you going to use it for laps, water aerobics or other forms of exercise? Are you going to host pool parties for your adult neighbors? Or are you barely going to “use” it at all, and your primary concern is that the pool improves the aesthetic value of your yard?

Your reasons for installing a pool should influence its design. If you want a kid-friendly pool for family gatherings, you may want to go with something simple, shallow and easily accessible. On the other hand, if you want a pool designed primarily to accommodate adults, you might be better off with a pool that’s deeper and focuses on visual appeal over ease-of-access.

3. Protect Your Pool

Being that you live in Minnesota, you’re not going to be able to use an outdoor in-ground pool year round. One of the most important steps of pool planning is to ensure that your pool is built to survive our long, cold winters. This means installing a pool with a foundation that won’t crack in the cold, ensuring that your pool is properly drained before the water freezes and buying a heavy-duty cover that will stand up to the elements while preventing snow and ice from accumulating in your empty pool. It is also important to protect people, especially children, from your pool.

While laws may vary from county to county, it is generally required or at least strongly recommended that you construct a fence around your yard to keep children from falling in and drowning. In-pool motion alarms may be a good idea if you have young children of your own.

4. Planting Around Your Pool

pool planning tips

The perfect pool should compliment your landscaping, not contrast it. Plan to build gardens bordering the pool with plants that work with it. Shrubs, trees and flowers which pair well with the blue color of the water are ideal. It might also be a good idea to plant bushes which are thick enough to give you privacy from your neighbors.

Most importantly, you should avoid planting anything that will place significant strain on your pool filter. Trees which shed a lot of leaves may be especially problematic, as an excess of leaf litter can quickly clog up drains and filters. If you don’t want to start every morning by scooping leaves out of your pool, you’d best stick with evergreens.

5. Calculate Your Budget

Perhaps the biggest drawback to installing an in-ground pool is the number of costs that it will accrue. Utility bills, maintenance on the pool’s interior, equipment such as pumps, and chemicals used to keep the water clean are all necessary expenses which can add up to an ugly figure. Also, don’t forget about insuring your pool for any possible damage it may sustain or any injuries that may occur because of it.

While installing a pool can be a lot of fun, you need to make sure that it’s not going to eat up too much of your salary. One of your first steps in the pool planning process should be to calculate the rough annual costs and ensure that you can afford to build and maintain your new pool.

Professional Pool Installation in the Twin Cities

If you plan properly, a swimming pool can be the cornerstone of your yard which both increases your own enjoyment and improves the resale value of your home. To ensure that your in-ground pool is designed properly and built to last, it’s vital that you employ a professional installation service.

Ground One has more than thirty years of experience with designing and installing pools in the Twin Cities metro. Our team would be more than happy to help you build the pool of your dreams! Contact Ground One today for exemplary in-ground pool design and installation service.