Minnesota’s winters are long and cold, which is why most of us spend as much time outdoors as possible during the warmer months. Whether it’s a warm summer morning or a crisp fall evening, the easiest way to enjoy the weather is by relaxing in our own backyards. From yard games to barbeques to pool parties, there are all sorts of fun activities to enjoy with family and friends in our backyards.

However, if you’re inviting guests over for a social event, you probably want your backyard landscaping looking its best. There are all sorts of things that you can do to make your backyard look amazing. Here are some of our best backyard landscaping ideas.

Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Backyard

  1. Enhance Your Gardens – A backyard that’s all lawn is boring, so try planting some gardens to spice things up. While people usually focus on the gardens in front of their home to achieve great curb appeal, it’s always a good idea to put effort into your backyard gardens, too. Fill your garden beds with beautiful annuals and perennials that produce pleasant aromas, attract pollinators and make your yard all the more beautiful.
  2. Plant Trees & Shrubs – One of our best backyard landscaping ideas is to add a healthy amount of trees and shrubs. Not only will trees and shrubs make your backyard feel like your personal slice of nature, they’ll offer you shade and privacy as they grow. You can plant trees and shrubs both along the edges of your property and amidst your gardens.
  3. Create a Pond – Water features are often a cornerstone of backyard landscaping. Forming a pond amidst your gardens will enhance the aesthetic and provide new opportunities for landscaping design. You can plant all manner of water plants in and around your pond, you can build a waterfall feeding into your pond, and you can even add a few koi to your pond.
  4. Add Statues & Fountains – While most backyard landscaping ideas revolve around plants or natural stone, statuary and fountains can add some nice flair to a backyard. While too many statues might look cheesy (or creepy), adding a few that you really like to your patio or garden can give your backyard a personal touch. Fountains are a water feature that are easier to maintain than a pond and can give your backyard real class.
  5. Install a Pergola – A majestic addition to backyard landscaping, installing a pergola over your patio, garden or firepit can vastly improve the aesthetic of your backyard. In addition to being visually appealing, pergolas provide some nice shade and can be used to grow vining plants. Pergolas come in all woods, colors and styles, so you can find one that’s a perfect match for your home or one that provides a nice contrast.
  6. Set Up a Fire Pit – If you want to give your backyard a great spot for evening relaxation, try installing a fire pit. You can build a firepit on your patio or on the edge of your property, and there are endless style options available. Fire pits will keep you warm on a fall evening and can be used for family cookouts.
  7. Build Paver Paths – One of our best backyard landscaping ideas is to create a pathway out of pavers. These flat stones come in a variety of materials including cement, granite and limestone, so you can pick the option that best suits your backyard landscaping. You can build a paver pathway leading from your patio to a firepit, from garden to garden, or through your garden to a bench.

The Best Backyard Landscaping Crew

If you’d like help with implementing some of these backyard landscaping ideas on your property in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you would be wise to hire Ground One. Our award-winning landscaping crew can completely overhaul your backyard to transform it into your own personal paradise. Give Ground One a call today for superior backyard landscaping services in the greater Twin Cities area!