River Bluff Project: When Ground One designers first met with the homeowners the existing condition of exposed-aggregate pool deck was deteriorating, and backyard overgrown and outdated.  Something new, yet natural-looking was desired.  After meeting on a few different occasions to ensure that the design was going to meet the homeowners expectations, the project was underway. Currently the Ground One employee’s are working on the pool decking, which is comprised of a natural Kasota stone (which are the circles) and a man-made product called Silver Creek Travertine.  Each one of the Kasota stones were cut in place and hand chiseled to give the rough textures.  The travertine is comprised of three sizes, patterned for ease of installation.

The following pictures are close-ups of the detail work that Ground One prides itself on.  Most companies would have either placed the plastic cover on top and left a mismatched look, or taken the easy way out and cut a square cover in.  Not Ground One; the skilled craftsmen not only took the time to cut around the filter, but also created a circular cover out of the travertine stone to match. Look for future updates on the River Bluff Project; a new fence, retaining walls; plant material and a spiral staircase are yet to come.