As a landscape architect or designer, I often refer to the term “focal point” when describing landscape design.  The focal point tends to be the backbone of the design and all other features are supporting elements.   A focal point in the landscape can add interest, show perspective, draw attention, or simply help a person navigate through the landscape.  Not all need to be obvious, but most strike an interest in the viewer and result in added intrigue or promote further investigation. A common focal point that can be found in landscapes is a water fountain. Water fountains are visually appealing and the sound created by the moving water can aid in buffering any unwanted noise from surrounding areas. The ambiance that they project on the surrounding environment creates a positive aura within those in proximity to the fountain. By placing an outdoor fountain by the entrance, it reinforces a focal point welcoming  guests to your home. There are many ways to design a fountain that creates a focal point in your landscape, courtyard, or  main entrance to your home.  Fountains range in shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, so one that fits your personal taste can be found.

Decatur Project —A classic fountain that can be  found in  landscapes  is the tiered fountain.  These are common and  date back to the ancient civilizations where  they were once used to hold precious drinking water. Later fountains become not just sources of water, but advertisements of the power and benevolence of rulers.  They became focal points back then and still are today. Though not large and overpowering like times past, the Decatur project has procured a beautiful and stately focal point for the landscape in the form of a fountain.  This tiered fountain compliments the landscape in its simplicity, yet draws attention from both guests outdoors and indoors alike. Composed of iron, the fountain harmoniously coexists with the natural blue stone that was chosen to surround it.

The retaining wall is close to being complete, with small details in the capstone yet to be finished. The grade has been restored and re-graded to allow water to flow through the property with very little disturbance.  Some plant material and mulch has been installed, bringing this once deteriorating landscape to life. A new Lilac cut and patterned stone patio and small planter wall gives the stately fountain a position, nestling  amongst the new plant material. The new planter allows the homeowner to change color throughout the seasons. The custom cut capstone that was thermal blistered continues the theme of sleek and simplicity. In the end the Decatur project is coming together and soon things will be complete.