You’re a homeowner whose yard just feels incomplete somehow. You’re determined that installing a new cobblestone patio with an accompanying water feature would really tie the yard together and provide your whole family with a great place to relax and enjoy nature. There’s only one problem; you have no way of building it yourself.

Landscaping projects take a great deal of time, skill and hard physical labor. The average homeowner in Minnesota simply isn’t going to have the ability to complete the landscaping project of their dreams, whether it’s a patio, a rock garden, a firepit or any other project that requires extensive effort. The most efficient way to accomplish a large-scale landscaping project is to hire a landscape design + build company.

The Benefits of Design + Build Landscaping Services

What is design + build landscaping? It’s when a single company designs a landscape project for you and then constructs it from scratch. So, why hire a design + build company to handle your landscaping project? Here are the major benefits of working with a design + build landscape service such as Ground One:

  1. Simplified Work Process – Ordinarily, a landscaping project might require you to first reach out to a design service who can create a design concept for your new patio and then contact one or more teams of builders to actually construct it for you. Working with a landscape design + build service means that you only ever have to deal with one company, from when you first start brainstorming ideas for your new patio up through when it’s fully built. This saves you the struggle of trying to coordinate with different landscaping companies who have different ideas of how the project should be completed and when.
  2. They Know Every Step – Hiring one company to design your landscape project and another to build it is already enough of a hassle, but the real problem is that neither company will fully understand both the designing and building processes. You may bring a finished landscape design to a construction crew only to learn that your design won’t actually work in your yard. Or you may find that your builders can’t create the exact design you presented them with. A landscape design + build company will fully understand what can be built in your yard, and they will be able to create a functional design and build it to perfection.
  3. Reduced Cost – The expense of landscaping projects is one of the main obstacles to getting them done. If you have to hire a design service to map out your patio, a landscape retailer to deliver the supplies you need and yet another landscaping service to actually perform the physical labor, the bills can really start to rack up. With a landscape design + build service, you only ever have to pay one company, which allows you to keep costs down and to keep track of your spending more easily.
  4. Avoidance of Delays – One of the biggest headaches of trying to work with different companies on a landscaping project is the amount of time it will end up taking. Because one company has to design the perfect patio for you and the other has to actually build it, all while communicating through you, the actual construction project may be subject to numerous delays, especially if redesigns are necessary or desired building materials prove unavailable. A landscape design + build company, however, will know exactly what landscaping materials are available and will handle any required design revisions in-house without troubling you.

Premium Landscape Design + Build Services in the Twin Cities

When it comes time to complete a big landscaping project in your yard, save yourself time and money by relying on the expert services of a design + build service. Ground One has spent more than twenty-five years performing design + build landscaping services for the greater Twin Cities area. Contact us today if you have a landscape design + build project that you want us to work on!