If you’re trying to attract customers to your business in Minnesota, one of the best ways to do so is with a professionally maintained outdoor landscape. Having a well-tended property with a nice selection of plants and other landscape features will give your business the curb appeal it needs to stand out from the competition.

Whether you’re the proprietor of a retailer, restaurant, apartment complex or office building, hiring commercial outdoor maintenance services is the best way to make your commercial landscape look amazing. Here are some of the biggest benefits to hiring a commercial landscape crew for your business in Minnesota.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Outdoor Maintenance Company

  1. Gain Curb Appeal – This is a term you probably hear used a lot in reference to landscaping and that’s because it matters. Sure, throwing a couple of mixed planter gardens in front of your business looks nice enough. But if you really want to turn customers’ heads and make them walk in your doors, you need to create a landscape that’s better than average. A commercial outdoor maintenance company can do just this, planting beautiful gardens and adding in some classy hardscapes or water features for good measure, and keeping them all neat and tidy throughout the year. Letting the professionals handle your company’s landscape maintenance will create the curb appeal that your business needs to draw in more customers.
  2. Save Lots of Time – The main reason that many companies slack on outdoor maintenance is because of the large amount of time that goes into it. Creating and maintaining an appealing outdoor space requires hours of work every week, and that’s something that your employees might not have the time or the skill to do. Hiring a commercial landscape crew to take care of all the maintenance for you will allow you to focus on expanding your business and increasing your profits.
  3. Save Money, Too! – Cost of service is something that makes businesses wary about hiring a commercial outdoor maintenance company. In truth, hiring a team of skilled professionals will save you a lot of money in the long run. Trying to design and maintain your corporate property’s landscaping on your own can be incredibly expensive, especially if DIY mistakes result in a redo. Better to just hire an experienced landscape crew who will get it right the first time for a set price.
  4. Increase Your Property Value – While the architecture of a building may be impressive, the average commercial property will be very drab without a well-maintained outdoor landscape around it. Even if you have no intention of selling your commercial property in the foreseeable future, a commercial outdoor maintenance service can greatly improve the value of your property. Adding well-tended landscaping to a property gives an enhanced aesthetic appeal that will in all likelihood allow you to sell your commercial property for a higher price than you purchased it for. Your time on the market will probably be reduced as well, since prospective buyers are always on the lookout for a property with curb appeal.
  5. Brand Your Business as Eco-Friendly – Hiring an outdoor maintenance company to create a landscape with many flowers, shrubs and trees will not only make your commercial property more beautiful, it will also be good for the environment. Plants play a key role in improving air quality, especially in an urban environment with heavier carbon dioxide emissions. Environmentally conscious clients will always be drawn to a business with gorgeous gardens all around it over one surrounded by nothing but concrete and rock.

The Top Commercial Outdoor Maintenance Crew in Minnesota

If you’d like to hire a landscape company to maintain your outdoor commercial property in the greater Twin Cities metro, Ground One is your best choice. Our award-winning staff can design, build and maintain an amazing outdoor landscape for your business. Call up Ground One today for excellent commercial outdoor maintenance services in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area!